Developmental Education

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) provides an accessible learning environment for all students. Many students entering CCCS programs need extra support in the early part of their college career while they acquire the skills needed to succeed in college-level coursework. The colleges in CCCS have responded to this need by reforming assessment practices and college readiness support practices.

Since 2014, the thirteen colleges of CCCS have implemented a new model for providing College Readiness (CR) Support to CCCS students. This model shortened the college readiness sequence, merged the developmental reading and writing tracks into a single sequence, and offered corequisite courses, also known as Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI).  Additionally, CR math courses were redesigned to offer separate support tracks depending on whether a student planned to register for algebra or non-algebra course. In the framework, most students complete their CR requirements in one semester by either taking a developmental education (DE) course or a supplemental academic course (SAI) to ensure that they are prepared for college level course work in math or English.

The resources below provide information on efforts pertaining to Developmental Education throughout CCCS and were compiled from the 2020 Development Education Convening at Arapahoe Community College:

2019 2:2 Developmental Education PowerPoint

CCCS Support for College Readiness Report

College Responses

College Teams

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High School Non Algebra Survey 23 October 2018

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