State Faculty Advisory Council (SFAC)


The State Faculty Advisory Council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board and to the President of the System and shall act in a liaison capacity between the college faculties and the Board.  The Faculty Council shall advise and make recommendations to the System President and the Board on polices and other matters of interest and concern to state system community and junior college faculty.

Mission Statement

The principal mission of SFAC is to promote and support quality instruction in the Colorado Community College System. SFAC will have an integral part in advising and making recommendations to the Board and CCCS, and facilitating transparent communication to their respective faculty and instructional leadership, in matters including:

  • High standards and quality of instruction.
  • Faculty welfare and shared governance.
  • Board/System policy, procedure, and initiatives.
  • Communication among the faculty, Board, CCCS, and the community.
  • The role and mission of community colleges within higher education.
  • Appropriate use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Budget priorities and allocation.
  • Legislative impacting higher education and CCCS.

SFAC Representatives

College Faculty Representative Position
Arapahoe Community College Erica Henningsen Representative
Colorado Northwestern Community College Todd Ward Representative
Community College of Aurora Kelly O’Dell Representative
Community College of Denver Kelly Zepp Representative
Front Range Community College Catlyn Keenan Representative
Lamar Community College Brian Gauck Representative
Morgan Community College Ewan Maggie Vice-Chair
Northeastern Junior College Nathan Robinson Representative
Otero College Becky Sporrer Representative
Pikes Peak Community College Joseph Miller Representative
Pueblo Community College Travis Parkhurst Chair
Red Rocks Community College Eleanor Camann Representative
Trinidad State College Dr. Paul Boone Representative

SFAC Meeting Schedule

Meetings will typically be held on the first Friday of the month 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Meetings are not held in June, July, or December