Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus

CCCS Lowry Campus

CCCS System Office and the Lowry Campus is Tobacco and Smoke Free

Ready to quit smoking? Just thinking about it? Trying again? Want to help someone quit? You’re in the right place. The CCCS System Office and Lowry Campus is a tobacco free campus and were are here to support you along your journey. Quitting is hard but we have tools to help you.

Watch this video to learn about the effects of tobacco use on your body

Employee Resources

  • For Classified Employees who are CIGNA Members: CIGNA offers life management programs that include tobacco cessation, and goal coaching and planning to quit tobacco use.
  • For Kaiser Permanente Members:
    • Kaiser Permanente offers its members nicotine patches, gum or lozenges at no cost (these over the counter medications must be written as a prescription and filled at a KP pharmacy). Bupropion is also available for members at no charge.
    • Members can also take free, pre-recorded classes, and access the tobacco reading room for information on medications, stop smoking guides, and guides to quitting smokeless tobacco by visiting KP Quitting Smoking Tools.
    • Members can participate in a free, Healthy Lifestyle program called Breathe, a tobacco cessation program.
  • For Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Members: Anthem offers its members a Smoking Cessation Health Kit and other resources such as a Quitting Tobacco Playbook on their website.
  • For Employees Who Do Not Receive Benefits from CCCS: Please check out the HealthONE Freedom from Smoking program.
    • The Freedom From Smoking program, a HealthONE initiative, is a self-paced program that provides you with options, resources and support to quit for good, and the program is now offered as a free virtual event (availability is limited). To sign up or with questions, please contact Ellen Penrod at:, 303-847-0266.

Online Resources

Colorado QuitLine

American Lung Association

  • “Freedom from Smoking Plus” programs include a program booklet, online community, and access to a call line with cessation experts:

Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud

  • FREE cessation program for U.S. service members and Veterans enrolled in the VA health care system for quitting tobacco for themselves and any other interested individuals:

Mobile App Resources

  • FREE app for teens that offers tips, inspiration, and challenges to help you quit smoking; Adults can use it too!


  • FREE app that tracks cravings, moods, slips, and smoke free progress

Livestrong – My Quit Coach

  • FREE app with a personalized quitting plan; track daily consumption; receive budget alerts; earn badges and awards

Smoke Free – Quit Smoking

  • FREE app tracks your behavioral patterns related to smoking to determine the best strategy for you to quit and to stay smoke free

Quit It Lite

  • FREE motivational app to track cessation – the cigarettes you did not smoke, the amount of money you’re saving as a result

Quit Now!

  • FREE app focuses on your achievements, motivations, and connects you with others who are also trying to quit

Community Programs

Colorado Quitline

  • Free resources for quitting smoking
  • Including one-on-one coaching, tips on preparing and making quitting easier and free supply of nicotine patches, gum and lozenges
  • Free to Coloradans regardless if you have or do not have insurance
  • 1-800- Quit.Now

Baby & Me Tobacco Free

Kings Soopers Little Clinic – The SmartPath Tobacco Cessation Program

  • 2-visit program to help you get started; assess your health status and nicotine dependence
  • Medication will be recommended and prescribed; ongoing assessment of effectiveness and side effects will be evaluated
  • $35/visit
  • The Clinic is open 7 days a week from 7:00am-7:00pm

Porter Adventist Hospital and St. Anthony’s Hospital (Centura Health)

  • Tobacco Treatment Program offered onsite at Porter and St. Anthony’s
  • $30/session (in-person or over phone); Individual sessions only
  • Contact Andrea Bon-Wilson for questions or to set up your appointment:
  • 720-321-8312,

Denver VA Medical Center – Stop Smoking Clinic

  • FREE clinic to Veterans only; must be referred by your primary care provider
  • Individual counseling and group classes available every week at a clinic near you
  • For more information call the Education department: 303-283-5441

Clinical Services/Insurance Coverage

  • Contact your insurance provider or your primary care physician for insurance-sponsored classes, counseling, cessation medications, and nicotine replacement therapy.
  • Medicaid patients: Smoking cessation medications are a covered benefit for all Health First Colorado members and can now be accessed without a prior authorization. Members an receive counseling and FDA approved cessation mediation at no cost to the client. Please contact your doctor for more information.
  • Medicare offers counseling for asymptomatic Medicare enrollees and is not subject to cost-sharing. Enrollees who have already developed tobacco-related diseases are subject to cost-sharing.
  • Tri County Residents, please visit the Tri-county tobacco prevention website for additional resources.
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides support in quitting, including free quit coaching, a free quit plan, free educational materials, and referrals to local resources, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).
  • BecomeAnEX is a free, digital quit-smoking plan and online community of thousands of smokers and ex-smokers developed by Truth Initiative in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.