Transfer & Articulation

What is a transfer student?

A transfer student is a student who has completed transferable coursework. Whether you are transferring to or from a community college or a four year institution, we are here to help you transition! We look forward to working with you as you continue to pursue your educational goals.

Transfer Out – Continue Your Education at Another College

The Colorado Community College System provides several options for students who choose to transfer from one of our community colleges to a 4-year college or university. Our goal is to expedite the process for students to efficiently and easily transfer their credits. Our Community Colleges will help the student determine the best fit for transfer based on finances, degree plan and student interests. We can assist students with the college application process, as well as, educate students on scholarship opportunities.

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) has negotiated articulation or transfer agreements that allow students to seamlessly progress from a CCCS college to four-year colleges and universities without surprises. It is best to have an idea of which college you will be transferring to as early as possible, so that you are taking courses that will be acceptable in that degree plan.

Determine which one of these transfer & articulation options is best for yourself or for your student.

Bridge to Bachelor’s

The Bridge to Bachelor’s program allows students seeking a bachelor’s degree to easily and seamlessly transfer to specific 4-year institutions.

Transfer Agreements (Articulation) with Other Colleges

A Transfer or Articulation agreement allows a student to transfer a specific amount of credits from CCCS to a participating 4-year institution.

Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreements / Degrees with Designation

These agreements allow you to graduate from a community college with a 60-credit Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree with designation, such as an Associate of Arts in Business; enroll with junior status at a university; and complete the bachelor’s degree in no more than an additional 60 credits (for a total of 120 credits).

GT Pathways- Guaranteed Course Transfer

Guaranteed Transfer (GT) Pathways is the state general education curriculum that forms the core of Colorado community college’s Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees, as well as most bachelor’s degrees at Colorado’s public universities. GT Pathways takes the guesswork out of transfer because GT Pathways courses, in which a student earns a C- or higher, will always transfer and apply to GT Pathways requirements in every Liberal Arts & Sciences associate and bachelor’s degree at every public Colorado community college and university.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior learning is college-equivalent learning acquired through non-traditional schooling, work or other life experiences. These might include skills from military service, job-related training, and volunteer arenas. Prior Learning Assessment is previously known as Credit for Prior Learning (CPL).

Transfer In- Transfer College Credits into a CCCS College

Already have college credits from another college or university and want to transfer to a Colorado Community College System college?

Select the college you want to transfer to and go to their website for transfer/admissions information. Most colleges will ask for an admissions application, a transfer request, and an official transcript. Please feel free to contact the Advising office at the community college of your choice. They will be able to assist you with Financial Aid, all deadlines, counseling, transfer tips, and any other concerns. Please see below for a list of the colleges.