Prior Learning Assessment

If you are looking for information about Prior Learning Assessment Credit (PLA Credit) in the 13 Colorado Community College System Colleges you’ve come to the right place!

PLA Credit may be awarded if the following standards have been met:

  • Student has been admitted to the college.
  • Student has declared a course of study (certificate or degree).
  • The learning is college level.
  • PLA Credit may be applied toward a degree program, certificate, general education requirements, concentration, and general electives that count toward the student’s elected course of study.
  • PLA Credit may satisfy prerequisite requirements using the same policy that applies to other course equivalencies.
  • PLA Credit cannot be used to satisfy college/program residency requirements.
  • All work assessed for PLA Credit must meet or exceed “C” level work.
  • PLA Credit cannot duplicate any previously-awarded credit (to avoid giving credit twice for the same learning).
  • PLA Credit is awarded only for those courses directly applicable to the declared degree program or certificate.

Students, faculty, evaluators and staff must follow the Colorado Community College System PLA-Credit Policy (BP 9-42) and the System Presidents Procedures (SP 9-42).

Details about the PLA Credit System for:

Faculty or Evaluator Staff