Teaching Excellence Grant

2021 Teaching Excellence Grant Restart

Academic and Student Affairs is pleased to announce the restart of the Teaching Excellence with Equity grant opportunity.  This three year, $5 million grant initiative is aimed at closing equity gaps through teaching excellence and building inclusive classroom environments. Grant dollars should be part of a larger institutional effort for transformational change aimed at closing equity gaps. This grant initiative provides an opportunity for colleges to apply for dollars to provide professional development and implement strategies, particularly those that are data-driven, evidence-based, culturally relevant, and aimed at transforming the classroom environment to be more inclusive and conducive to student success.  Though initially approved to kickoff in early 2020, this grant was paused due to the global pandemic.

Please read through the documents on the following tabs for full program details.

Teaching Excellence Grant Restart Webinars

Click Here to View 4/16/21 Webinar Recording


Click Here to View 8/13/21 Webinar Recording

This application form will open on April 5, 2021 and close on September 17, 2021.