Teaching Excellence Grant

2023 Closing Equity Gaps through Teaching Excellence Grant

Academic and Student Affairs is pleased to announce the opening of the third application period of the Teaching Excellence with Equity grant opportunity.  This three year, $5 million grant initiative is aimed at closing equity gaps through teaching excellence and building inclusive classroom environments. Grant dollars should be part of a larger institutional effort for transformational change aimed at closing equity gaps. This grant initiative provides an opportunity for colleges to apply for dollars to provide professional development and implement strategies, particularly those that are data-driven, evidence-based, culturally relevant, and aimed at transforming the classroom environment to be more inclusive and conducive to student success.  Though initially approved to kickoff in early 2020, this grant was paused due to the global pandemic. The first round of grant dollars were disbursed in Fall 2021.

Please read through the documents on the following tabs for full program details.

2023 Grant Program Timeline

Week of May 1, 2023 – Grant application period opens. Communicate to colleges with the grant application materials.

May 17, 2023 1:30-2:30 MDT – Grant Informational Session 1 over Zoom

August 10, 2023 1:30-2:30 MDT – Grant Informational Session 2 over Zoom

September 18, 2023 – Grant application period closes

September 19-October 2, 2023 – Application screening by review committee

Week of October 2, 2023 – Review committee meets to rank and decide on applications to fund

October 27, 2023 – CCCS Education Excellence Conference

Week of October 9, 2023 – Notifications to applicants about their application

Late October/Early November 2023 – Funds available to awardees

Informational Sessions & FAQs

Two information sessions will be held over Zoom. These sessions will be recorded and linked here for those unable to attend.

Session 1 Recording

Session 2 Recording


  1. When do funds from the 2023 Grant Cycle need to be spent down?
    • Per the agreement in the executed Understanding of Program (UoP) for your grant, the term for this grant ends December 2023. Ideally we would like to see funds spent by the end of this calendar year. However, we understand what a challenging year it has been and that you may require additional time to be able to complete your grant objectives.
  2. When is the final report due for the 2023 Grant Cycle funding?
    • Reporting should be submitted to our office by January 19, 2024. If additional time is needed to complete grant objectives and spend down funds, please include a detailed plan for that additional time in your reporting.
  3. Is there a specific format required for the final report?
    • There is no required format for your reporting, but please refer back to the information listed in your UoP and grant application for reporting criteria.

Applications are due by September 18, 2023. Please download and read the application materials for full submission guidelines.

Date: Friday, Oct. 27, 2023

Location: Omni Interlocken Hotel
500 Interlocken Blvd.
Broomfield, CO 80021

Time: 9:00-4:00

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