Rural College Consortium (RCC)

Rural College Consortium (RCC)

The RCC was formed to address the unique concerns of small scope, geographically isolated Colorado Community Colleges in an ever changing world. The creation of the Consortium is a direct response to the common concerns shared by all rural colleges in the State. The RCC feels that through collective advocacy and System level support we can overcome obstacles in the following priority areas:

  1. Programming
    • Rural colleges are experiencing difficulty in onboarding new and innovative programming to serve their communities.
  2. Failing Infrastructure
    • Rural colleges are experiencing the pain of inadequate physical and technological infrastructure.
  3. Recruiting/Marketing Diversity
    • Due to limited marketing budgets/staff, rural colleges are experiencing extreme difficulty messaging their value.
  4. Hiring Qualified Faculty and Staff
    • In all programs of study, but most disruptively in Allied Health programs, rural colleges are experiencing difficulty in attracting and retaining qualified full-time faculty and staff.  .
  5. COVID-19 Pandemic Response (current year)
    • As of March, 2020, rural colleges are facing challenges foreseen and unforeseen as it relates to the system response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The purpose of the Rural College Consortium is to serve in an advisory capacity to CCCS and system college leadership, while spearheading change as a committee advocating for the unique needs and challenges our rural colleges face. The Consortium will focus its work on four broad areas that have been identified as top priorities for all the rural colleges as they relate to student services and academic affairs. These priorities are the challenges and needs associated with Programming, Failing Infrastructure, Recruiting/Marking, and Hiring Qualified Staff and Faculty.

Full Charter:

Consortium Representatives

Voting members of the RCC are Vice Presidents of Academic and Student Affairs from: Colorado Northwestern Community College, Lamar Community College, Morgan Community College, Northeastern Junior College,  Otero College, Pueblo Community College and Trinidad State College. The board consists of non-voting members from other operational units of each college as request and vested CCCS Administrators. Please contact Lisa Krueger to be added to the distribution list.

College  Representative Position
Colorado Community College System Landon Pirius Vice Chancellor Academic for Academic and Student Affairs
Colorado Community College System Ryan Ross Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Equity and Inclusion
Colorado Community College System Mike Macklin Associate Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development and Community Partnerships
Colorado Community College System Danen Jobe Director of Academic Programs and Curriculum
Colorado Northwestern Community College Keith Peterson Vice President of Instruction
Colorado Northwestern Community College David Hardman Vice President of Student Services
Colorado Northwestern Community College Lisa Krueger Executive Assistant to the VPs of Instruction and Student Affairs
Morgan Community College Scott Scholes Vice President of Student Services
Lamar Community College Larry McLemore Vice President of Academic and Student Services
Morgan Community College Kathy Frisbie Vice President of Instruction
Northeastern Junior College Sam Soliman Vice President of Academic Affairs
Northeastern Junior College Steven Smith Vice President of Student Services
Otero College Rana Brown Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Otero College Gary Addington Dean of Student Affairs
Otero College Chelsea Herasingh Director of Institutional Research and Initiatives
Pueblo Community College Quincy Rose-Sewell Vice President, Academic Support
Pueblo Community College Heather Speed Chief Student Services Officer
Pueblo Community College Samuel Dosumu Executive Dean
Trinidad State College Lynette Bates Vice President of Academic Affairs
Trinidad State College Kerry Gabrielson Vice President of Student Services
Trinidad State College James Kynor Vice President

Meeting Schedule

The RCC meets the last Tuesday of every month at 1:00 pm MST.  To receive a WebEx invite for any given meeting please contact: Keith Peterson at