State Faculty Curriculum Committee (SFCC)

The SFCC will advise and make recommendation to the Education Services Curriculum Committee on curriculum including:

  • Common Course Numbering System
  • State Guaranteed Courses
  • Assist with planning and hosting the 2:2 conference
  • Act as liaison between the System and individual college curriculum committees on issues of curriculum procedure
  • Gather information and share curriculum issues from the member’s individual college for discussion at SFCC meetings
  • Other duties as assigned


College Category Contact Email
Aims Community College Academic Daniel Alvarez
Aims Community College CTE Jennifer Bailey
Arapahoe Community College Academic Juliet Beckman
Arapahoe Community College CTE Nancy Finnegan
CCCOnline  CTE Vacant
CCCOnline Academic Kai Savi
Colorado Mountain College Academic Lora Meredith
Colorado Mountain College CTE Kristy Brooks-Olk
Colorado Northwestern CC Academic Joe Wiley
Colorado Northwestern CC CTE Karly Dumas
Community College of Aurora Academic Martha Jackson-Carter
Community College of Aurora CTE Beth Lattone
Community College of Denver Academic Tammi Spicer-Dormuth
Community College of Denver CTE Paige McEvoy
Emily Griffith Technical College  CTE Jacinda Lay
Emily Griffith Technical College Steven Garcia
Front Range Community College Academic Kathy Mennen
Front Range Community College CTE Abel Coombs
Lamar Community College Academic Becky Young
Lamar Community College CTE Arosha Loku Umagiliyage
Morgan Community College Academic Carol Kuper
Morgan Community College CTE Bill Miller
Northeastern Junior College Academic Clint Rothell
Northeastern Junior College – chair CTE Mike Anderson
Otero College Academic Kimi Kelley
Otero College CTE Ryan Belew
Pickens Technical College CTE Brad Kizer
Pickens Technical College CTE Sam Hoffmann
Pikes Peak State College Academic Warren Munick
Pikes Peak State College CTE Woody Boyd
Pueblo Community College Academic Michael Payne
Pueblo Community College CTE Marianne Horvath
Red Rocks Community College Academic Lynnette Hoerner
Red Rocks Community College CTE Paul Weinrauch
Trinidad State College Academic Nathan Haslett
Trinidad State College CTE Desi Maxwell
Community College of Aurora  Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Bobby Pace
Colorado Community College System Director of Academic Programs and Curriculum Danen Jobe
Colorado Community College System  CTE Representative Vacant
Colorado Community College System Catalog, Curriculum
and Schedule Manager
Denise Mosher
Colorado Community College System Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs Landon Pirius
Colorado Community College System Academic and Student Affairs Program Assistant Vacant

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Meetings for the 22-23 Academic Year are expected to be conducted remotely. Please contact for more information.

Meeting will be held 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
August 19, 2022
September 9, 2022
October 14, 2022
November 11, 2022
December 9, 2022
January 20, 2023
February 10, 2023
March 10, 2023
April 14, 2023
May 12, 2023


Department Contact Email
AAA Academic Achievement Kari Lee
ABM Agriculture Bus. Mgmt. Becky Sporrer
ACC Accounting  (APT) Laura Sakry
ACT Auto Collision Technology Kyle Cadarette
ADE Agriculture Diesel & Equipment Mike Anderson
ADG Adventure Guide Cooper Mallozzi
AEC Architectural Engineering (ARC) Mark Broyles
AGB Agriculture Business (FAS) Mike Anderson
AGE Agriculture Economics Mike Anderson
AGP Agriculture Production Mike Anderson
AGY Agriculture Crops & Soils Mike Anderson
AME Agriculture Mechanics Mike Anderson
AMT Aviation Maint. Technology Ty Harrison
ANT Anthropology Kimberly Munro
Patrick Staib
Kimberly Munro
ARE  Apprentice-Related Experience Larry Snyder
AQT Aquaculture Vacant
ART Art Angela Belt
Lincoln Phillips
ASC Animal Science Mike Anderson
ASE Auto Service Technology Larry Baker
ASI Action Sport Industry Michael Martin
ASL American Sign Language Michelle Stricklen
AST Astronomy Vacant
AVT Aviation Technology Jake Marshall
BAR Barber Lauren Bitz
BIO Biology Dianne Purves
Rhonda Hattar
BTE Business Technology Vacant
BUS Business Abel Coombs
CAD Computer Assisted Drafting Lauren Bitz
CAR Carpentry Fernando Ponce
CCR/REA College Composition & Reading See ENG prefix See ENG prefix
CHE Chemistry Gayle Crane
CHW Community Health Work Kaysie Schmidt
CIS Computer Info Systems Diane Rhodes
Robert Burnham
Monica Novack
CMD Communication Disorders Stephen Collins
Chelsea Stow
CNG Computer & Networking Tech  Diane Rhodes
COM Communication Chelsea Stow
Stephen Collins
CON Construction Tech Fernando Ponce
COS Cosmetology Lauren Bitz
CRJ Criminal Justice Kristy Stearns
CSC Computer Science Diane Rhodes
Victoria Eisele
Douglas Lundin
CSL Counseling LoriRae Hamilton
CTC Communication Tech Diane Rhodes
CUA Culinary Arts Kevin Clarke
CWB Computer Web-Based Diane Rhodes
DAN Dance Stephanie Kobes-Newcomb
DAT Data Science Adam Forland
DEA Dental Assisting Amy Reed
DEH Dental Hygiene Paige McEvoy
DIT Dietetic Technology
DMS Diagnostic Med. Sonography Martha Rivero
DPM Diesel Power Mechanics Aaron Brown
ECE Early Childhood Education Andrew Goff
Deborah Palarino,
Donna Brady-Lawler
ECO Economics Nicholas Parachini
EDU Education Jenning Prevatte
Kathy Gamble
EGG Engineering Christy Wallert
McKenna Lovejoy
EGT Engineering Graphics Tech (ENT) Michele Koster
EIC Electricity Indust/Commercial Jason Hazlett
ELS Eldercare Specialist Valerie Carter
Lew Hazen
ELT Electronics Jason Hazlett
EMP Emergency Management/Planning Teresa Ward (interim)
EMS Emergency Medical Services Beth Lattone
ENG English Kimi Kelley
ENP Entrepreneur Lynn Wilson
Sheryl Smith
ENT Engineering Technology (EGT) Michele Koster
ENV Environmental Science Dawn Cummings
ENY Energy Technology Jason Hazlett
EQM Equine Management Mike Anderson
EQT Equine Training Mike Anderson
ESA Emergency Service Administration Teresa Ward
ESL English as 2nd Language Jerry Kottom
EST Esthetician Lauren Bitz
ETH Ethnic Studies Savannah Sanburg
EVT Environmental Technology Jason Hazlett
FAS Farrier Science Mike Anderson
FER Fermentation Martha Caron
FIN Finance Joan Anderssen
FIW Fine Woodworking Jeremy Cox
FLD Floral Design Ray Daugherty
FMT Facilities Maint. Technology Vacant
FSS Fire Safety Sprinklers Ted Poszynwak
FST Fire Science Technology Ted Poszynwak
FSW Fire Science Wild Land Ted Poszynwak
FVM Film Video Media (FVT) Paul Weinrauch
GEO Geography Amy Filipiak
GEY Geology Ellie Camann
GIS Geographical Info Systems Jennifer Muha
GUN Gunsmithing-NRA Lynette Bates
Keith Gipson
GUR Gunsmithing Repair (GUS) Lynette Bates
Keith Gipson
HEQ Heavy Equipment Operator (HEM) Lynette Bates
Keith Gipson
HIS History Don Walker
Jennifer Newman
HIT Health Info. Technology Christine Tomas
HLT Horticulture Amy Nunnally
HOS Hospitality Herman Crawford
HPE Human Performance & Exercise Kristi Ramey
HPR Health Professional Shelly Halper
HSE Human Services Leigh Sinclair
HTM Horse Training Management Mike Anderson
HUM Humanities Nicholas Morris
HVA Heating/ Air Conditioning Joseph McInerney
HWE Health and Wellness Kristi Ramey
HWY Highway Maintenance Teresina Davie
ICF Integrated Circuit Fabrication Diane Rhodes
IHP Integrative Health Professions Vacant
IMA Industrial Maintenance Tech Vacant
IMM Industrial Mechatronic Maintenance Jeff Stuber
IND Interior Design Anita Lodico
INS Insurance Joan Anderssen
INV Investments Joan Anderssen
IPP Interpreter Prep Program Ilah Jackson
JOU Journalism Jenna Benson
JRD Jewelry Repair and Design Lydia Brokaw
Dave Edwards
LEA Law Enforcement Academy Gwen Burke
LIT Literature Robley Welliver
LTN Library Technician Vacant
MAC Machining Gregg White
MAN Management Ivan Nikolaeff
MAP Medical Assisting Professional Shelly Halper
MAR Marketing Holly Lynch
MAT Mathematics Eric Thompson
Rachel Sefton
MET Meteorology Lynette Hoerner
MGD Multimedia Graphic Design Dolly Rosenbrook              Tom DeMoulin                              
MLT Medical Laboratory Technology Jennifer Kellogg
MOR Mortuary Science Faith Haug
MOT Medical Office Tech Shelly Halper
MST Massage Therapy Vacant
MTE Manufacturing Tech Michele Koster
MUS Music Celeste Delgado-Pelton
NAT Nail Technician Lauren Bitz
NFA Nursing First Assistant LoriRae Hamilton
NRE Natural Resources Jennifer Lee
NUA Nurse Assistant Cassandra Racine
NUR Nursing Lori Rae Hamilton
ORN Operating Room Nurse Lori Rae Hamilton
OSH Occupational Safety Tech Jocelyn King
OTA Occup. Therapy Asst. Tricia Vigil
OTE Optics Technology Amanda Meier
OUT Outdoor Studies Cooper Mallozzi
PAR Paralegal Karey James
PAS Physician Assistant (PAP) Christa Dobbs
PBH Public Health (formerly CWH) Michelle Hoffer

PED Physical Education Kristi Ramey
PET Petroleum Technology Vacant
PHI Philosophy John Kinsey
Clint Rothell
PHO Photography Brad Bartholomew
PHT Pharmacy Technician Marcia Janos
PHY Physics Anthony Smith
PLU Plumbing Joseph McInerney
POS Political Science Soomin Chun-Hess
PPT Power Plant Technology Jason Hazlett
PRA Park Ranger Cooper Mallozzi
PRO Process Technology Vacant
PSM Public Security Management Teresa Ward (interim)
PSY Psychology Allison Hagood
PSV Public Service Ken Morris
PTA Physical Therapist Assistant Paula Provence
PTE Psychiatric Technician Paula Kirchner
PVT Power Vehicle Technology Brad Parker
RAM Range Management Mike Anderson
RCA Respiratory Care Shawna Tracy
REC Recreation Cooper Mallozzi
REE Real Estate Vacant
RFM Range and Farm Management Mike Anderson
RTE Radiologic Technology Roger Cox
RTV Radio and Television Brian Wheeler
SAO Ski Area Operations Mike Martin
SBM Small Business Management Lynn Wilson
Sheryl Smith
SCI Science Erin Peden
SKB Ski Business Mike Martin
SOC Sociology Rachael Lehman
SPI Sterile Processing Technology Natalie Hansen 
STE Surgical Technology Natalie Hansen
SUS Sustainability Nathan Stewart
SVT Sport Vehicle Technology Thomas Laing
SWK Social Work Amy Buckingham
TEL Teaching ESL Jenning Prevatte
THE Theater
TLT Telecommunications Tech Diane Rhodes
TRI  Translation & Interpretation Cynthia Deligeorges
UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems Jake Marshall
UPH Upholstery Fred Brown
VET Veterinary Technology Shannon Burkhalter
WEL Welding Jason Hill
WQM Water Quality Management Chelsea Campbell
WST Women’s Studies Rachel Lehman
WLS World Language(s) Erin Farb
Veronica Chavez
WTG Wind Turbine Generation Jason Hazlett
ZOO Zoo Keeping Alex O’Brien alex.o’

SFCC Charter Revised 10-2020

Discipline Chairs Manual

SFCC Processes and Procedures – (Document Download) Updated 5.12.15

SFCC Meeting Minutes