Program Approval

BSN Pre-Approval Signature Form and Checklist Program Approval Request Submission Form

Program Approval Steps for BSN

Please note that these steps are not necessarily chronological as many of these things will happen simultaneously

Board Policy SP 9-30b

  1. Required Pre-Approvals:
  2. Required Notices:
    • At least 90 days prior to requesting SBCCOE approval, the College must provide notice to the CCHE and all state public and non-public institutions of higher education.
  3. Internal College Approval Processes
    • Obtain College Curriculum Committee approval
  4. New Course Approval Process
    • Submit Courses for approval to State Faculty Curriculum Committee for review and approval
    • Once approved, VP Council approval also required
  5. CCCS System Office Review
    • Landon Pirius, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
    • Mark Superka, Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance
  6. Governance Approval from SBCCOE
    • Program must be submitted as a Board agenda item for review and approval
    • Materials need to be made screen reader accessible and must be submitted to Mary Reeves by the deadline, 2 weeks prior to the Board meeting
    • Agenda item will be presented to the Board by College President, VPAA and CCCS Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
    • Once approved by SBCCOE, will move to CCCS Catalog, Curriculum, and Schedule Manager for processing
  7. GE Council and Academic Council Review
    • CCCS Staff will send to CDHE for review
  8. HLC Approval or Notification
    • College submits Program to Higher Learning Commission for review and approval
      • NOTE: If the program is at the main campus and is not going to change course delivery and there are no substantive changes, an email notification to the liaison may be all that is needed.
  9. DOE Approval
    • College submits Program to Department of Education for review and approval
  10. CCCS Internal Processing
    • CCCS Catalog, Curriculum, and Schedule Manager processing
    • CCCS Finance Office is notified
    • CCCS IT processes
  11. DHE Data Collection
    • CCCS will notify CDHE to add to SURDS


CTE Standards and Program Approval

Program Approval describes a necessary process for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to receive federal Perkins funding. It ensures that all programs meet the standards set by the accrediting body for each program. Once approved, CTE programs send annual data on student academic success and job placement success. These numbers help determine continued funding to keep programs innovative and up to date.