Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The CCCS Student Affairs Division works collaboratively with the Student Affairs divisions at each of our 13 community colleges by providing strategic leadership, planning, and support for student success initiatives, strategic enrollment management, student financial aid programs, student enrollment services, student life and government programs, and other student development functions. The work of the Student Affairs Division is centered on ensuring the personal growth and success of all Colorado Community College System students, and on those strategic initiatives which focus on the improved efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence in advancing the mission of the System and its colleges. In prepare our students for the workforce needs of the future, the Student Affairs Division aims to improve innovation and equity in education through collaborative efforts within the System, other higher education institutions, the K-12 education community, and partnerships with Colorado workforce leaders.

System level support to the colleges includes:

  • Policy development, monitoring, analysis and evaluation
  • Service coordination and program oversight for greater efficiency and resource leveraging
  • Technical assistance and coordination
  • Strategic planning in the areas of equity and inclusion, enrollment management, student success, and student support services

2019 CCCS Student Affairs Conference


Greetings Colleagues,


Thank you so much for your attendance, presence, and spirit of collaboration and relationship building at the 2019 Student Affairs Conference.  It was a great day of development, and we had nearly 450 attendees present, our most massive turnout yet.

Please help me in expressing gratitude to our hosts and colleagues at Pueblo Community College, our Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, the Fine Wood workings department at RRCC, and our VIP guests for making the day possible. We salute you!

This year we got a later start than we would have liked on the planning; however, colleagues from across the system came together to deliver a thought-provoking and content-rich day that helped us all grow. Please help us in expressing sincere thanks and appreciation to the 2019 Student Affairs Conference committee. This terrific group of leaders came together and made this day possible in a matter of a few shorts months. We all know the demands of our daily schedules, so hats off to these folks for quickly connecting, planning, and implementing our conference.

Thank you Committee members:

Mandi Myers – CCCS

Dawn Stratton – ACC

Jessica Lanfranco – CCD

Stacie Amaya – CCCS

Steve Smith – NJC

Ashlie Cogburn -TSJC

Nicole Taylor – CCD


Brian Carey – FRCC

Shirley Carey -PCC

Cristina Guerra – PCC

Danielle Anderson – NJC

Judith Anderson – CCA

Charles Amaya – OJC

Brad Stratton – CCA

Mindy Kinnaman- FRCC

Monica Bellaire -CCD

Jen Macken – RRCC

Marvena Baker-Shriver – CCD

Tina Moore – CCCS

Crystal Lopez Castillo – OJC


Having a system-wide conference committee is beneficial and necessary as it allowed us to hear in real time from and give voice to our colleagues. Your voice and this committee structure allowed us to pivot to ensure we supported an inclusive and equity-minded community agency with our diaper gift service project, create space for functional group networking, and continue a theme integral to the work we do every day.

Your voice continues to be an integral part of this event.  Using this committee structure with appropriate planning time and your valuable survey feedback, we will build on the success of this year and bolster next years’ experience. Next year you will have a complete first-class experience with intentional attention to areas such as logistics and registration, increased breakout session offerings, the lunchtime format, and more.

If you are interested in joining the 2020 Student Affairs Conference committee, please feel free to send an email to  The conference committee debrief has occurred, and the committee will begin working on next year’s conference early this fall.

I am so thrilled to be a part of this system!  Thank you all for the open and warm welcome, conversation, and purposeful, positive impact you have on our 137,000 students.  My door, ear, and email are always open, please never hesitate to reach out if I or the system can be of service; after all, our job is to make your work easier.  I look forward to working with you all this year. You exude educational and student service excellence. It’s an honor and a privilege.  Please feel free to use this link to view and/or download pictures from the conference.  See you next year!

Continue to be Great on Purpose

Dr. Ross

Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion

Colorado Community College System