Institutional Research

The CCCS Office of Institutional Research archives and maintains student data and coordinates college data collection and reporting to meet state and federal requirements. The office also functions as a liaison between college users and system information technology in representing student data needs. In addition, the office provides data analysis and prepares reports in support of system data needs.

Data includes information on student enrollment, demographics, course information, assessment, degrees awarded, and elements required under the “Student Right to Know” Act. Additional information may be available in the future with the planned development of a student tracking system.


Fast Facts & Student Survey

Developmental Education

Includes enrollment, demographic, retention, completion, transfer and remedial course completion rate data for CCCS as well as the enrolled student survey reports. Demographic characteristics and end of term completion status of CCCS students enrolled in remedial courses.
Fast Facts & Survey Reports  Developmental Education Reports 

Degrees & Transfers

Concurrent Enrollment

Degrees awarded to CCCS students by college as well as the number of students attending a CCCS college who transferred to another institution of higher education. High school students enrolled in CCCS courses that award credit toward a college degree or certificate.
Degree & Transfer Reports Concurrent Enrollment Reports

Financial Aid


Demographic characteristics and award types and amounts received by financial aid recipients and applicants. Statistics on the type of students enrolled in CCCS colleges and the degrees that enrollees are seeking.
Financial Aid Reports Census Reports