Lowry Campus Map

Lowry Campus Map. Building names and addresses are below

Colorado Community College System Buildings

Building Address
CCCS Administration 9101 E. Lowry Blvd.
Lowry Conference Center 1061 Akron Way
CCCS Information Technologies / UNC 1059 Alton Way
Colorado Community Colleges Online 9026 E. Severn Pl.
Lowry Facilities & Security 700 Boston St.

Community College of Aurora Buildings

Building Address
CCA Center for Simulation 9235 E. 10th Dr.
CCA Gym 1081 Beeler Way
CCA North Quad 9202 E. Severn Pl.
CCA West Quad & Student Services 710 Alton Way
CCA Colorado Film School 9075 E. Lowry Blvd.

Community College of Denver Buildings

Building Address
CCD Dental Hygiene 1062 Akron Way
CCD Health Ed. & Life Sciences 1070 Alton Way

Other Buildings

Building Address
New America School 9125 E. 7th Pl.
Pool 775 Akron Way
UNC 1059 Alton Way