Business Cards

To order new business cards:

  1. Complete the form below
  2. The person needing the cards will fill out the form electronically (this is to avoid handwriting errors), then print to obtain the necessary wet signatures for approval.
  3. Once approval is obtained, the individual will scan the document and submit it to PrintPointe via the email on the form (
  4. The cards will then be typeset and a proof will be sent back to the cardholder for final approval.
  5. The cardholder will then email PrintPointe with any changes that need to be made, or give the approval to print.
  6. Then please turn in the original wet-signed approved/proofed document to Sandy so she may match these signed requests to the invoices for payment.
  7. As soon as the proof is approved, PrintPointe will print and deliver within 24 hours to Sandy Wallace here at 9101 East Lowry Boulevard.
  8. Once received, Sandy will contact the cardholder for pickup.