Brand Pillars

Brand Pillars

These pillars are a tool to help you strengthen the consistency in your communications. However, it is not designed to impose restrictions on creativity.


The Colorado Community College System experience goes beyond the classroom. It’s the sum of every interaction, every opportunity and every moment of growth that occurs on our campuses and beyond. All of these moments taken together are the full experience of CCCS. They represent our promises, opportunities and communities that together make us who we are. Hearing our name, seeing our colors or exploring our campuses evokes certain expectations, associations and promises. Together these form our brand. When we’re on brand we’re staying true to the vision that our community has of us and the promises we’ve made them. We deliver what we’ve promised with truth and integrity. Because these are things that matter.


To provide an accessible, responsive learning environment that facilitates the achievement of educational, professional, and personal goals by our students and other members of our communities in an atmosphere that embraces academic excellence, diversity, and innovation.

Brand Personality

Brands are Created for People by People

The human characteristics of our brand are its personality. And as a brand whose very essence is human growth and connection, the CCCS personality is undeniable. We’re collaborative and welcoming. We’re built on community because community is the foundation of everything for which we stand. Most of all, we believe that learning is the path to opportunity.

Our personality informs our qualities, and our voice.

Brand Qualities

CCCS Qualities

Our brand qualities underpin how we think, act and communicate. Informed by our diverse yet unified community, they’re the collective voice of our students, alumni, staff and faculty.

WELCOMING. Everyone has a place here. Our door is always open.

INCLUSIVE. Diverse voices, experiences and backgrounds shape us for the better.

PERSONABLE. We’re friendly, warm and relatable. We find common ground.

TRUE. We’re loyal to our community. We stay the course.

CONFIDENT. We believe in who we are and where we’re headed. Nothing stops us.

THOUGHTFUL. We think deeply. We consider the needs of our community.

TRANSFORMATIVE. We inspire positive growth. We celebrate progress.

Tip: These qualities aren’t a checklist. They’re a range. Adjust your use of them to suit your audience.

Brand Voice

The purposeful, consistent expression of CCCS through words and styles that engage and motivate.

CCCS is friendly, inclusive and relatable. We don’t talk down to our audience, but we’re clear and to the point.
We use active, engaging language. We make our communications about the people we’re speaking to, not about us.
We value accessibility, value and transformation. We highlight these attributes wherever we can.
Our voice is our community’s voice. Whenever there’s an opportunity to quote, share or pay it forward, we do.
We’re mindful of our medium. We communicate through a combination of design, typography and language β€œand we adjust it to suit.

Brand Values

These 4 brand pillars encapsulate our mission, positioning, voice, tone, look and feel. It is the compass by which we evaluate all decisions made moving forward.

CCCS Pillars

  1. Focusing on the whole student.
    • Commitment to providing the highest quality education to each student and their individual aspirations.
    • Creating experiences that combine the delivery of practical knowledge with the development of student creativity and innovation.
    • Student support mechanisms that partner with students to confront and overcome educational barriers.
    • Student activities and opportunites that promote success within and beyond the school community.
    • A focus on the future through excellent teaching, learning, thinking, experiencing, and succeeding.
  2. Forming lasting relationships.
    • Commitment to developing a workforce that is welcoming and reflects student diversity.
    • A work environment that attracts, energizes, engages, and excites the finest faculty and staff.
    • Support of learning through professional development of faculty.
    • A faculty committed to teaching the most up-to-date professional skills and knowhow through their own real-world experience.
  3. Creating education without barriers.
    • Commitment to developing partnerships with businesses, K-12, community organizations, policy-makers, and other higher educational institutions
    • Technology-supported programs and solutions that foster student success
    • A competency-based criteria that widens educational pathways.
    • Experiential learning opportunities in all programs
  4. Always furthering opportunities.
    • Affordable, accessible education with a career focus
    • Serves a diverse population, many of whom are first-generation college students
    • Resource development capacity to allow investment in student scholarships
    • Partnerships to create opportunities for internships and experiential learning