CCCS Leadership Academy

Thank you for your interest in the CCCS Leadership Academy Pilot!

Please review the following for more information on the Leadership Academy including key dates, program components and how to apply. We are looking forward to working with an amazing group of leaders as we embark on this journey together.

Key Dates

May 2, 2022: Application opens
May 16, 2022: Application closes
By June 1, 2022: Participants Announced
TBD: Congrats Webinar
TBD: Orientation Webinar
August 10, 2022 | 9:00-4:00: First Session – CCCS System Office, Lowry Campus
October 12, 2022 | 9:00-4:00: Second Session – TBD, Colorado Springs
January 11, 2023 | 9:00-4:00: Third Session – Virtual
April 28, 2023 | 9:00-4:00: VP Council – Location TBD
June 26-28, 2023: Retreat – CNCC Rangely – Attendees will have accommodations at the CNCC Rangeley Campus dormitories. Meals will be provided by the system office during the activities. Other travel, such as mileage will be the responsibility of the college.

Additional Dates TBD

Virtual Workshops – Every Other Month Alternating
Coaching Sessions – Every Other Month Alternating

*we will transition activities to online if need be for COVID considerations*

Program Components

Virtual Workshops

Strands by Different Strengths Needing More Development
Nuts and Bolts of the Different Higher Education Leadership Positions

Coaching Sessions
As part of the experience, participants will work with a mentor to achieve the goals set in their Individual Leadership Development Plan. These sessions will take place every other month alternating between virtual content to hone leadership themes indicated on the Individual Leadership Development Plan.

Targeted Candidates
Middle manager and emerging leaders, e.g. department chairs, associate deans, deans, assistant directors, directors from any department/division

Administrative Details

Estimated Costs

  • All travel, such as hotel costs and mileage will be the responsibility of the participant’s college unless otherwise communicated.
  • CCCS will cover the costs of materials/supplies, trainers, assessments, and food.
  • Meals will be provided by the system office during the activities. Attendees will be responsible for securing accommodations.

Application Process
Applications will be collected uniformly at the system office level for tracking and program reporting purposes. Individual applications will be reviewed and selected by a committee convened by Dr. Sarah Heath.

Program capacity allows for 30 participants with a minimum of one participant per college.

Participation in this program does not indicate the promise of an opportunity to be hired for a leadership position at CCCS or a CCCS college.

Participant safety and comfort is important to us. For any activities that require physical activity or elements of the outdoors, there will be alternative experiences provided inside each location for the three face to face meetings. The three face to face meetings are COVID restriction dependent. Alternative online sessions will be crafted to meet some of the objectives of the face to face activities if need be.

System Office Contact Information
Please contact Dr. Sarah Heath at for more details on the program.

First Session - Part I: You as a Leader: Discovery and Identity

The first three sessions focus on self-awareness about leading. We begin with creating a leadership learning community as we mentor, coach and support each other. We will review leadership approaches and examine which philosophies are most relevant to you, your specific departments, centers, groups or units. By articulating your professional values we will connect how those values translate into the ways you want to lead and communicate. As leaders, gaining self-awareness and then reflecting about your own style will provide the foundational components of how to build trust with yourself and effective relationships with others. We will create a common language of leadership competencies and develop an individual plan to continue your leadership learning. Additionally, we will focus on emotional intelligence and the critical need for leaders to have the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.


  • Building Leadership Community
    • Leadership lessons from White Water Rafting & Ropes Course
    • Additional leadership activities for ADA and other needs
  • Understanding Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding Your Strengths/Style
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Individual Leadership Development Plan

Second Session - Part II: Building Relationships with Others

With a clearer understanding of your strengths, styles and approaches as a leader, we will engage in skill-building sessions that enhance your interpersonal relationships. We will refresh your active listening skills that provide the backbone to effective interactions.

Your understanding about why you would give feedback and how to give feedback, offers insights and ways you can address the nuances about how others hear and respond to feedback. Creating an open culture that gives feedback productively allows the flow of work and creativity to move forward and increase learning from our experiences.

We will define and demystify conflict by identifying typical conflict styles for you as leader and for others that will support choices for constructive conversations. These conversations intend to increase your insights and use the effective behaviors, sensitive to how conflict addresses, resolves and engages creative solutions.

Our work in understanding the factors and dynamics that foster collaboration will energize meetings and discussions. Understanding your own motivators and the motivations of others reinforces meaningful and productive relationships and collaborations.

Mentoring and coaching addresses how to engage others in thinking and planning for accomplishments. Being able to know the difference between coaching and mentoring provides a comprehensive approach for empowering others. Knowing how to delegate key tasks and how to communicate and coach others to accomplish those tasks establishes a clear path for achievements.


  • Listening Effectively
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Managing Conflict Effectively (Styles)
  • Leading Difficult Conversations
    • Firing
    • Discipline
    • Selection Process
  • Managing Confidentiality
  • Building and Leading Teams with Equity
  • Building and Fostering Collaboration
  • Motivating Others
  • Coaching
  • Creative Thinking Training

Third Session - Part III: You and Your Development

In the third and final part of this program, we will create a brief peer review of all the topics to refresh the key concepts that focuses the creation of an individual leadership development plan. The individual leadership development plan will direct your own leadership growth priorities as you continue your leadership journey.


  • Leadership Topics Review
  • Succession Conversation with Presidents
  • Lunch Speaker Series – Leadership in Action
  • Leadership Development Plans
  • Continuous Journey
  • Mock Interviews with Coaches
  • Celebration

Applications can be submitted below. Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. In 500 words or fewer, craft a statement of purpose outlining your personal and professional motivations for participating in this educational leadership experience.
  2. Using a single word, what strength have colleagues told you that you emulate the most?
  3. What one area related to leadership are you interested in developing more competency and strength?
  4. What book have you read that you would recommend to a colleague?