Admissions Promise Program

Many students attending Colorado four year institutions began their undergraduate studies in Colorado’s Community College System.

In October of 2011, the Colorado Community College System launched an exciting and progressive new effort with The University of Colorado Denver that we called the Admission Promise Program. In 2012, Johnson & Wales University and Fort Lewis College initiated the Admission Promise Program in partnership with the Colorado Community College System.

The Admission Promise is a program for students from the Colorado Community College System to easily and seamlessly transfer to participating universities and earn a bachelor’s degree. Participating Universities include:

Students who meet the requirements of the program as stated by each University are automatically admitted. Through this program, students will receive academic advising support while attending community college and after they transfer to the four year university.

This program is targeted to first-time freshmen in their first semester at a Colorado Community College System college. A first-time freshman is defined as having no college credit enrollments after graduation from high school or after earning a GED. To participate, there are no ACT/SAT test or high school grade-point average requirements. Once the student is admitted to the Admission Promise program, their continued participation depends on meeting the requirements of the program as stated by the particular university. Students register their intent to participate in the program through their online application to the community college.

It is important to note, students who don’t sign up for the program during the application process or who previously attended college can still transfer to these colleges. These universities participate in the statewide guaranteed transfer program, and CCCS has joint agreements with the other public colleges and universities in the state to assist with student transfer.

The Admission Promise Program has been carefully crafted with incentives and support to help students succeed.