Faculty 2:2 Conference

The goal of the Faculty 2:2 is to:

  • Engage in robust conversation and ensure perspectives of all our colleges are included in the conversation;
  • Share best and promising practices in pedagogy, assessment of student learning and program development;
  • Critically evaluate and update courses within the discipline as needed;
  • Develop a culture of collaboration, transparency and support in course and program development;
  • Elect (re-elect) a discipline chair to represent the group statewide
  •  Review of DWDs this fall or spring and select faculty to participate in those conversations
  • Share examples of OER within the discipline and discuss opportunities that might exist to expand OER within your discipline

Friday, September 24, 2021

Hello all!  Below are the tasks we will be asking you to complete for this year’s 2:2.  There will be no general session or opening session this year but we send out videos from Danen and Landon for you to watch prior to or during your discipline session.  Statewide Discipline Chairs will receive these videos on September 17th.  A few disciplines will begin work on developing and piloting competency based courses starting in spring.  This will likely expand in 2022.  All this and more will be discussed at the Statewide Chair meeting on Friday, September 17th.

All Faculty

  • Fill out forms on proposed course or courses to archive
  • Fill out forms on proposed new programs that might exist in your discipline, such as BAS or DWD
  • Work on changing over the next two years to system prerequisites to make Colorado Online possible.  Consider which of your courses have prerequisites that are already common and which ones don’t. See if there’s agreement on any course that doesn’t have a common prerequisite. If so, simply mark that on the spreadsheet next to the course. If not, write down what the course says. We’ll work more on this for a due date of the next 2:2.

CTE Faculty

  • Some programs will be tasked with evaluating PLA for a state matrix.  Statewide Chairs will receive this information

Please watch the videos below before your meeting on Friday:


CTE Faculty
Meets September 18, 2020
Please contact your Discipline Chair for more information

Transfer Faculty
Meets October 2, 2020
Please contact your Discipline Chair for more information

Discipline Meeting Links


CIP Code Master Fall 2020

Instructional Guide and Stuff

List of Statewide Discipline Chairs

A quick instructional video on how to reach OneNote from SharePoint: